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A Universal Tree Balancing Theorem

We present a general framework for balancing expressions (terms) in the form of so-called tree straight-line programs. The latter can be seen as circuits over the free term algebra extended by contexts (terms with a hole) and the operations, which insert terms/contexts into contexts. In Ref. [16], it was shown that one can compute for a given term... (more)


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The ACM Transactions on Computation Theory (TOCT) is a peer-reviewed journal that explores the mathematical nature of computation and it's theoretical limitations (with an emphasis on computational complexity, foundations of cryptography and other computation-based topics in theoretical computer science).

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Reconstruction of full rank algebraic branching programs

The complexity of Boolean surjective general-valued CSPs

Surjective H-Colouring over Reflexive Digraphs

Read-Once Branching Programs for Tree Evaluation Problems

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