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Editorial Charter


Aims and Scope
ToCT is a scholarly journal publishing outstanding original research that explores the mathematical nature of computation, and its theoretical limitations.

We welcome contributions in the following areas, although this list is not meant to be exhaustive:

  • computational complexity theory
  • foundations of cryptography
  • randomness and pseudorandomness in computing
  • coding theory
  • quantum computation
  • proof complexity
  • computational learning theory
  • computational game theory
  • property testing
  • lower bounds in computational models
  • Boolean circuit complexity
  • algebraic complexity
  • parallel and distributed computation
  • communication complexity
  • parameterized complexity
  • inapproximability
  • discrete random systems
  • theoretical issues in other areas (economics, physics, databases, information retrieval, networks, etc.)

Special note regarding the question of whether P is equal to NP:

ToCT follows the policy of Journal of the ACM, with regard to submissions purporting to resolve the P versus NP question.; This policy will be implemented in the following manner:

No author may submit more than one paper to J. ACM, ACM Trans. on Algorithms, or ACM Trans. on Computation Theory in any 24 month period, purporting to resolve the P versus NP question or related long-standing questions in complexity theory, except by invitation of the Editor-in-Chief. This applies to resubmissions of previously rejected manuscripts.


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